Renner Herrmann S.A. group division, dedicated to high performance coatings solutions for the Protective, Performance, Marine and Decorative business.


Agroindustry, Capital Assets, Energy, Engineering and Assembly, Floors and Marking, Industrial Maintenance, Oil and Gas, Passive Protection, Steel and Mining.


Agricultural Machinery, Aviation, Busses, Construction Machinery, General Industry, Road Implements.


Containers, Fishing Boats, Fishing Nets, Leisure and Yacht Boats, Ships.


Specialties for the applicator, retailer and architectural markets with a Polishing Line.


Polidura line turning walls into white board

Renner Coatings' high-performance decorative line, launched in April the Write and Erase Varnish. The product imparts high gloss and allows the writing and subsequent removal of the film with easiness*, without leaving stains or damaging the film. The finish, which is...

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New technology partnership hits the rotor blade market

Renner Coatings announces another technological partnership of global impact: Renner Coatings and Bergolin GmbH & Co. KG The German company-expert in Rotor Blade Coatings-starts since today, to provide its know-how and products to Renner Coatings, that will be...

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New IMO certification PSPC MSC.215 (82)

Renner Coatings announces new IMO PSPC International Certifications: 1. IMO PSPC Certification MSC.215 (82), Water Ballast Tanks, renewed for the Revran NVC WST 870. 2. IMO PSPC MSC.215 (82), Water Ballast Tanks, and IMO PSPC MSC.288 (87), Cargo Oil Tanks,...

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